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Home education

In England, the law states that the responsibility for a child's education while they are of compulsory school age, currently 5-16 years, rests with their parents.

While most children attend the local state school, a significant number will be educated outside the state system in private schools or at home.

Who do I notify?

If your child is about to reach compulsory school age and has never been registered at a state school, or if you move to an area served by another Local Authority (LA), you don't have to notify the LA that you intend to home educate, although you may do so if you wish.

If your child is currently attending school, you must write to the Head Teacher of that school advising them that your child is being home educated and that you want their name removed from the register.

The name of your child will be removed from the register and the LA will be informed by the school. If you change your mind after that time you will have to re-apply for a school place and places at the same school may not always be available.

Parents of children who attend a Special School, or are subject to an attendance order, require the permission of the LA to educate them at home. As this is slightly different, please contact the Local Authority for further help and advice.

Parents who choose to educate their children at home must be prepared to assume full financial responsibility, including bearing the cost of any public examinations.

Help and support

While the Local Authority has no statutory duty to monitor the quality of provision, it does have to be satisfied that parents are offering suitable education, so from time to time you will be contacted by us for further information about the education you are providing.

For more information, read the Elective Home Education below.

  • Elective Home Education Policy 2021

    Download this document: Elective Home Education Policy 2021 (PDF: 248 KB)

    This policy outlines our responsibilities towards children whose parents have decided to educate them at home. It is published for parents, schools and other agencies with an interest in Elective Home Education.

    First published: 1/12/2020

Useful information

The Home Education Advisory Service
Helpline: 01707 371854