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Requests for pupil records

Each primary and secondary school in Liverpool has their own data retention policy for school records. Please check with the school you attended to see if they still have your records. You can find a school's address and contact details by using the search button below.

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As a guide, the recommended times that schools are asked to retain records for are set out below.

Admission and attendance registers

  • Admissions register for both primary and secondary schools - from the date of the last entry, plus six years.
  • Attendance register for both primary and secondary schools - from the date of registration, plus three years.

Pupil files

  • Primary - for the time a pupil remains at the school.
  • Secondary - until the ex-pupil’s 25th birthday.

Exam results

It is recommended that public examination results are kept from the year of the exam, plus six years.

Pupil statements

It is recommended that Statements maintained under The Education Act 1996 are kept until the ex-pupil’s 30th birthday.

What if my school has closed since I attended?

If the school you attended has closed, records will have been passed to us to archive. These records are kept for the recommended retention times detailed above.

If you require proof that you attended a school in Liverpool that has since closed, please submit an information request online below.

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