School admission appeals

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to offer your child a place in your preferred school. If your child is refused a place you have the right to appeal against the decision to an independent appeal panel.

How to appeal 

Voluntary controlled and community schools

The appeals guide for parents explains the appeals process for voluntary controlled and community schools. You should then complete and submit the notice of appeal form (at the back of the guide) by the following dates in order to secure a hearing date in the main round of appeal hearings:

Secondary schools

  • You must submit the notice of appeal form by 30th March 2020. 
  • Appeal hearings to be held in May, June and July 2020.

Primary schools

  • You must submit the notice of appeal form by 18th May 2020.
  • Appeal hearings to be held in June and July 2020.

We aim to hold all appeal hearings within 40 school days after the deadline. In some exceptional circumstances we may need to hold hearings after this date.  We will give appellants 10 days notice of an appeal hearing date and time.

Academy, trust, foundation and voluntary aided schools

You will need to contact the school directly for information on how to appeal as they have separate admission appeal arrangements. You should receive an appeals guide with your hard copy offer letter on National Offer Day. The school will inform you of the process and provide you with the relevant appeal form to complete, along with the deadline date. Some schools also post their appeals process on their websites.