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Christmas and New Year collection dates

Over the Christmas period, from Sat 20th Dec 2014 to Sat 10th Jan 2015, your usual waste (purple bin) and recycling (blue bin) collection days will change. Please enter your postcode in the box below to find out when to present your bins. Please note - there will be no green bin collections between 30th Dec 2014 and 5th Jan 2015.

Bin collection dates

Please enter your postcode in the box below to find out your waste and recycling collection dates.


Putting your bin out


Put your bins out before 6.45am on your collection day, with the handle facing the road.


Move bins to the kerbside. For terraced houses, move bins to the nearest end of the passage or alley.

Leave bin with handles facing towards the road.


  • Make sure all rubbish or recycling is placed inside the bin and make sure the lid is closed.
  • Check what can go in each bin.

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