In year school transfers

In year transfer is the term used when children transfer from one school to another school during the academic year. 

How to apply

Primary schools

All primary in year transfers are now dealt with by the individual school. Please contact the school you are hoping to transfer your child to. You can find a primary school and contact details by using our school search.

For more information about primary in year transfers, read the coordinated admission arrangements document.

Secondary schools

If you are hoping to move your child from one secondary school to another within Liverpool please contact your child's existing school to instigate an in year transfer.

If your child is new to the city or at a school outside of Liverpool and you'd like them to transfer to a school in Liverpool, please apply online:

Apply online

How long will it take?

Before applicants new to Liverpool can be considered for an in-year transfer we are required by the School Admissions Code to request background reports on their attendance, attainment and behaviour from their current or previous school.

This means that the minimum processing time for an application is 20 school days. However, please note that we can not process transfer requests during school holiday periods due to schools being closed.

Please bear this in mind before you call for an update on your application status, and also be assured that we do chase these reports once a week if schools do not respond to the local authority immediately.