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How to purchase the freehold of your property

Do you currently lease your residential property from Liverpool City Council on a 999 year lease? The council is offering you the opportunity to purchase the freehold interest in your property.

Who can apply?

If your residential property is subject to a 999 year lease from the council and you are the named leaseholder you may be eligible to purchase the freehold interest.

Benefits of owning the freehold interest

Are you aware that under the terms of your lease you need to seek the Council’s consent to undertake alterations to your property, for example the addition of an extension or any structural alterations or the fitting of solar panels.

You may also be required to seek consent to sell your lease to another party or to take out a mortgage on the property. Each time you seek a consent, you pay a fee to the Council of at least £1,500.

In the long term, it may be more economical to own the freehold. Owning your freehold can also make any future sale of the property easier and less costly.

How much?

The cost of the freehold interest in your property is set at £1,750. This figure includes our surveyor’s fees of £375 and legal costs of £375. It excludes any outstanding ground rent if any is owed - this will need to be paid in full up to the next due date. 

We recognise this may not be affordable as a one-off payment, so we have introduced a monthly standing order payment option of £175 per month over of 10 months. You can also choose to pay a higher amount over a shorter period.

If you pay in instalments and then decide to withdraw from the process, or no longer want to proceed with the purchase, all payments you have already made are non-refundable as we must cover our administrative costs.

We will not request any payment upfront when you register an interest.

Register your interest now

Contact our project team to register your interest

What happens next?

Once you register your interest, we will contact you within five working days.