Licensing and permits

Small scale and neighbourhood events

You may not need a licence for certain smaller scale and neighbourhood events, that don’t supply alcohol. 

Do I need a licence?

Organisers who are putting on the types of events listed below will no longer have to apply for a licence. However, if you are in any doubt whether your event fits the required criteria please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

Types of events that no longer need a licence:

  • Entertainment organised by, or on behalf of a local authority, health care provider or school on its own premises between 08.00- 23.00. There is no limit on audience size or any other conditions.
  • Live and recorded music provided by third parties taking place between 08.00- 23.00 on local authority, hospital, school and community premises before audiences of no more than 500, subject to prior written consent from the premises owner given to the event organiser. 
  • Audience limits for live music between 08.00- 23.00 in alcohol licensed premises (exempted under the Live Music Act 2012) will increase from 200 to 500.