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Young carers

Barnardo's Action with Young Carers

If you are aged 25 and under and look after a family member due to a long term illness or disability, the Barnardo's Action with Young Carers Service can help you. It provides the following:

  • Someone to talk to who will listen.
  • Meet other young carers at groups and activities.
  • Give you information about the illness or disability of the person you care for.
  • Someone to speak up for you when nobody wants to listen.
  • Fun and free activities.
  • A break from caring.
  • Getting help, advice and support for the person you care for.

How to access this service

Call us on 228 4455. If we can’t take your call straight away, please leave us a message and we’ll call you back. You can also email us at

Action for Young Carers is based at 109 Eaton Road, West Derby, Liverpool L12 1LU.

You can also get support and advice by contacting children's social care. This service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is a young carer?

Young carers often spend their time doing things that the person they care for would normally do such as:

  • Shopping, cooking and housework.
  • Keeping them company and cheering them up.
  • Collecting benefits and paying bills.
  • Helping them get washed and dressed.
  • Helping with medication.
  • Reminding them about appointments.
  • Going with them to appointments.
  • Reading and explaining letters.
  • Helping them get in and out of bed.

Taking on a young carer role can sometimes affect:

  • Your school or college work and not being able to take part in activities.
  • Spending time with your friends or having a sleep-over at their house.
  • How you feel about yourself, not having enough time for yourself and thinking that you are the only one in this situation.

If you are taking on any of these roles, and feel that you are a young carer, please get in touch with the service and we will help you.

Liverpool City Council would like to acknowledge the Young Carers of Liverpool and Bolton who helped provide the information for this web page.