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Personal transport budget for parents of children with SEND

A personal transport budget (PTB) is a sum of money paid to parents or carers of children and young people with SEND, who qualify for free school transport. We may offer a PTB as a more cost effective home to school transport option.

A personal transport budget is not suitable if your child's attendance at school is below 80% - this means 64 half days or 34 full days in a school year. Alternative travel arrangements would be agreed instead.

How does a PTB work?

A personal transport budget is a mileage allowance which lets you decide how your child gets to and from school or college, and make arrangements which suit their needs. You could use a PTB to:

  • pay for the costs of driving your child to school
  • give to a family member or friend so they can drive your child to school
  • pay for someone to walk your other children to school

Your child must have good attendance and punctuality at school or college, travel safely and arrive ready to learn each day.

Distance and mileage

Subject to attendance at school the mileage allowance is £3 per day, plus 45p per mile for journeys within the Liverpool City boundary. Separate arrangements will be made to meet the cost of journeys outside Liverpool.

Distance is measured by the shortest walking route from the main entrance of the child's permanent home address to the main school entrance - using the council's computerised measuring system. Details are outlined in section 11.2 of the Home to School Transport Policy.

The payment is calculated by the number of school days per academic year, multiplied by the daily amount. This is then paid in advance over a 47-week period.

Example: If you lived 5 miles from school, you would be eligible for an annual PTB of £2,280 (5 miles x 0.45 x 4 journeys per day + £3 per day allowance = £12 per day. 

Daily value £12 x 190 school days = £2,280, paid over 47 weeks.

You will receive monthly payments (4 or 5 weeks) as follows:

  • 4 weekly payment: £190.04
  • 5 weekly payment: £242.55

Monitoring attendance

We will monitor attendance each half term. Authorised absences (for example, sickness and medical appointments) will not affect future payments. However, any daily payments made when a child or young person has an unauthorised absence from school or college, will be deducted or recouped from future payments.

How to apply for PTB

If you would like to be paid a personal transport budget to help you get your child to school or college, complete the home to school transport application, and select the personal budget option.