Mayor of Liverpool

Wendy Simon is the Acting Mayor of Liverpool.

The mayor is elected by the residents of Liverpool for a four-year period and is responsible for the council's executive functions and the day-to-day running of the organisation. These include leading the city, building investor confidence and directing new resources to economic priorities.

The City Plan for Liverpool, launched on 1st October 2021, and is a plan to make Liverpool one of the best cities in the world; a city that is known for its creative reinvention, passion, resilience, and its commitment to community and fairness. 

Mayor's cabinet

The mayor chairs the cabinet which is made up of nine members appointed by him with defined responsibilities or 'portfolios'.

The mayor is responsible for Corporate, Regeneration, Finance and Strategic Projects.

Listed below are the councillors, alongside their cabinet roles.

Click on a councillor's name to find out more about them - including their surgery times, attendance record and contact details.