Report suspected food poisoning

Is it food poisoning?

The only way to confirm food poisoning is by submitting a faecal specimen to a laboratory for testing.  You can request this kit from your GP.  

Without confirmation from the laboratory there is limited follow up action that we can take. To determine the source of the food poisoning we need to have the type of food poisoning confirmed.  Any suspect food that you might have will not be tested at a laboratory until a positive result is obtained from the faecal specimen.

Remember, there are other viral infections which have similar symptoms to food poisoning and sometimes food prepared in the home is sometimes responsible.

Please refer to guidance by the Food Standards Agency and NHS Choices for more information.

Report it

If you believe you have contracted food poisoning from a food establishment in Liverpool, and have had the case confirmed, report it.

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Report food poisoning

Further help and advice

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