Our Housing Options service we may be able to help you if you are legally homeless.

Legally homeless may mean:

  • you’ve been evicted
  • you can’t get into your home, for example, your landlord has locked you out
  • it’s not reasonable to stay in your home, for example, if you’re at risk of violence or abuse
  • you’ve had to leave your home because of a flood or fire

To get help from us, you must also qualify under immigration rules - this means that you must be:

  • a British or Irish citizen
  • an EU citizen working in the UK or with the permanent right to live in the UK
  • allowed to claim benefits in the UK if you are from outside the EU

How to ask for help

If you meet the qualifying criteria above, please call 0800 731 6844 between the hours of 9am and 4.30pm. We no longer offer an online referral service.

In an out-of-hours emergency

If you have had to leave your home and cannot wait until Housing Options is open, please call 0151 233 3044 (Freephone 0800 731 6844).

If we have a duty to, we will arrange emergency accommodation and an interview with Housing Options the next working day.

When you speak to us

You will need to provide information that supports what you tell us. This might include:

  • proof of identity or immigration status
  • an eviction notice
  • proof of any medical conditions
  • a GP’s letter that proves you are pregnant
  • your last 5-year address history
  • contact details of the person asking you to leave the property

What support might I get?

Help ranges from advice and information, to a personal housing plan or longer-term housing support.

As well as looking at whether you are legally homeless and meet immigration rules, we will look at three other conditions when deciding how we can help you. These conditions are set by the government.

1. If you, or some you live with, have a priority need, for example:

  • you or someone you live with is pregnant
  • dependent children live with you - under 16s or under 19s if they’re studying full-time
  • you’re vulnerable, for example as a result of old age or disability, physical or mental ill health
  • You have previously been in care, served in the armed forces or have been in prison.

2. If you’re homeless through no fault of your own - you were not evicted because of criminal behaviour, or failing to pay rent or a mortgage, or you did not leave you home when you could have stayed.

3. If you have a connection to Liverpool - you live or work in Liverpool, or you have family here.

Further help and support

We also offer additional help to:

  • families with dependent children who do not qualify for homelessness support - we will refer you on to children's services.
  • people with mental health needs who are facing homelessness.
  • people experiencing domestic abuse facing homelessness - contact us using the options on this page so we can set up an emergency appointment. More help is available on the domestic abuse page of this website.
  • patients in a general or mental health ward - please speak to ward staff so we can assess your needs. 
  • prison leavers - you can set up an appointment with us as well as working with your housing advice and resettlement worker.
  • armed forces personnel - support is available via Service Leavers Liverpool.