You will only qualify for long-term housing support and the possible offer of a home through Property Pool Plus if you can prove that all five statements below apply to you during a homelessness assessment carried out by Housing Options.

1. You are legally homeless. For example you:

  • Have left your home due to eviction or violence.
  • Are sleeping rough.
  • Have been asked to leave temporary housing, such as a friend’s house.
  • Have been told that you will be evicted within the next 28 days
2. You or someone in your household:

  • Has children under 16, or 19 if in full-time education.
  • Is pregnant.
  • Is homeless due to a disaster such as a fire or flood.
  • Is ‘vulnerable’ - for instance has a disability or has suffered abuse.

3. You are eligible to live in the UK.

4. You have become homeless through no fault of your own.

5. You have lived and worked in Liverpool or you have close family here.

How do I get a homelessness assessment?

To arrange a homelessness assessment, please visit thHousing Options Service on the first floor of St John’s Market, Elliot Street, St John's Precinct, L1 1LR, Monday to Friday 9-5pm. Please arrive by 4.45pm to be seen by a member of the team that day.

You can also visit any One Stop Shop in the city. A customer service adviser will contact the team to arrange an appointment for you, but you may not be seen that day.

In an emergency

If you cannot be seen in office hours and can’t wait until the next working day, please call Careline on 0151 233 3800 (Freephone 0800 731 6844).

Careline will tell you if the council has a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation. If this is the case, they will arrange overnight accommodation and an interview with the Housing Options Service the following day.

Support agencies

You can also get advice and support from:

The Whitechapel Centre
Langsdale Street, Liverpool 3 8DY
0151 207 7617 (during the day).
email: info@whitechapelcentre.co.uk

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