Work experience

Work experience is a fantastic way to gain insight into a particular career and a chance to see what a job is really like. It may confirm your career choice or open your eyes to other options that you hadn't considered. It can also be a valuable way of getting some confidence and experience of working in a team to prepare for future employment.

At Liverpool City Council there are a wide range of career choices including finance, procurement, social care, public health, environmental health, marketing and communications, culture and tourism, highways, licensing, sports and leisure, port health, city developments, education, digital and ICT, human resources and more.

Who can apply?

We are currently supporting requests for:

  • School work experience placements for those up to the age of 18
  • University students looking for a short-term unpaid internship
  • Unemployed and looking to get back into work

All placements will:

  • provide you with first-hand experience of the workplace and an opportunity to work alongside experienced staff.
  • offer an insight into the public sector and services we provide.
  • increase your confidence and skills for future employment.
  • provide an awareness of how your skills and abilities can be used and transferred to the workplace.

How to apply for a placement

Complete the work experience enquiry form below and we will liaise with the departments you are interested in for consideration. We can't guarantee to offer you a placement, but we'll try our best.

Submit a work experience enquiry

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Please note that work placements are unpaid. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any funds to cover the travel to and from the place of work or lunch. If you are looking for paid opportunities, please visit our current vacancies.