Trading at markets and farmers markets

We operate several popular markets across Liverpool in the heart of our communities or close to the city's most famous landmarks. Many of them have a long history and a very loyal customer base. Find out more about the markets we operate.

Apply to trade at one of our markets

To apply to trade at one of our markets, please complete and submit our online form.

Before you start

Before you complete the form, you will need the following:

  • your original public liability document to the sum of £5m
  • two forms of ID – one photographic such as a passport or driving licence, and a utility bill issued within the previous three months. The name and address on the ID must be the same as on your insurance document
  • evidence you are registered as a food business with a local council if you are trading food or drink - find how to register as a food business with Liverpool City Council

Car boot sellers at Tuebrook Market do not need to apply. Payment is taken on the day, entry is on a first come first served basis and you must arrive between 6am and 8am. All other market traders at Tuebrook Market must apply.

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Apply online to trade at a market

What happens next?

We will contact you once we receive your form.

All applications are subject to availability, both in terms of space at the market you apply for and the product mix in it. If there is no availability, you will be asked if you want to go on the waiting list.

How much are market charges?

Charges are correct at the time of publication and will be confirmed if your application is successful. We will also tell you how to make a payment at that point.

  • Garston: £4.92 per metre/£1.50 per foot frontage
  • Great Homer Street: £6.89 per metre/£2.10 per foot frontage
  • Monument Place: £4.10 per metre/£1.25 per foot frontage
  • Tuebrook: £6.89 per metre/£2.10 per foot frontage
  • Tuebrook car boot sale: £10 - £15 cars, £20 vans
  • Lark Lane: £35
  • Woolton Village: £25
  • Allerton Hall: £25
  • Allerton Road: £25
  • University Square Street Food Market: £45 hot food/£35 take away cold food/£25 craft

Food hygiene laws

Anyone handling or selling food or drink at one of our markets must be registered as a food business with a local authority. Find how to register as a food business with Liverpool City Council.