Internet access in Liverpool libraries

All Liverpool libraries have computers with free access to the internet, as well as Microsoft Office, scanning, printing and networked reference information. All computers have adaptive software.

How to use a library computer

You must be a member to use library computers.

Join a library now

You must also agree to the libraries public computers code of conduct when logging on.

Do I need to book a slot?

Once you receive your membership card, you can log on with your membership card and pin number. Our staff are on hand to help first time users.

If computers are in use, ask a member of staff to put you in a queue. You may wait between five minutes to an hour, depending on how busy the queue is.

How long can I use them for?

You can use computers for a full hour. You can continue to log onto computers for a total of three hours in any one day but will join the end of the queue after each hour session during busy times. This is to allow customers a fair share of access to the computers.

In Central Library and Spellow Library, computers usually close down 30 minutes before the library closes. In all other libraries they usually close down 15 minutes before the library closes.

Printing charges

Computers are free to use but you will be charged the following fees for printing:

  • Black and white A4 - 10p per sheet, 5p for children and teens.
  • Black and white A3 - 20p per sheet, 10p for children and teens.
  • Colour A4 - 40p per sheet, 20p for children and teens.
  • Colour A3 - £1.00 per sheet, 50p for children and teens.

Free WiFi areas

There are free WiFi areas in all libraries.