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Controlled parking zones

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) is an area where all on street parking is controlled. When you enter a zone there are entry signs to tell you what restrictions apply within it.

When you are in a zone, parking is only allowed in designated parking bays. Waiting restrictions (yellow lines) apply everywhere else. There is no free parking within the city centre between 8am and 6pm.

Motorists who want to park for a short time in controlled parking zones can use the pay and display bays. Pay and display bays cannot be used by motorcyclists, but there are various on street parking bays for motorcycles which are free of charge. Find motorcycle parking bays in the city centre.

Examples of entry and exit signs at the boundary of each CPZ

Inner controlled parking zones are located in the city centre. Outer controlled parking zones are located further outside the city centre.

See examples of entry and exit signs displayed at the boundary of each CPZ below.

Inner Controlled Zone signOuter Controlled Zone signZone Ends sign

Parking charges - Inner and outer controlled zones

The city centre is split into two zones - the inner and outer controlled zones.

Parking charges for the pay and display bays in the inner controlled zones are:

  • Up to 30 minutes: £1.20
  • Up to 1 hour: £2.40
  • Up to 1 hour 30 minutes: £3.60
  • Up to 2 hours: £4.80
  • Up to 4 hours (max stay): £6.00

Parking charges for the pay and display bays in the outer controlled zone are:

  • Up to 30 minutes: £1.20
  • Up to 1 hour: £2.40
  • Up to 1 hour 30 minutes: £3.60
  • Up to 2 hours (max stay): £4.80

There are also some longer stay parking bays in the outer controlled zone (L zone and part of K zone). These are for up to a maximum stay of 4 hours with a charge of £1.20 per extra half hour.

For more information about council car parks and charges in Liverpool, visit the council car parks section.

Parking zone permits

Residents, businesses and visitors can park in marked parking bays if they clearly and correctly display a valid parking permit. Resident parking bays have signs located in the zones.

Permitted Parking Area (PPA)

A PPA is either a cul-de-sac or residential area, often with only one route in and out of the area. Rather than putting marked out bays on roads in the area, which can lead to insufficient parking places, residents may park anywhere within a PPA as long as they clearly and correctly display a valid permit.

Resident permit parking only past this point 8am - 6pm signResident permit parking signResidents Parking road markings illustration

Find out more about residents parking permits and business parking permits.

Football Match Residents Parking Zones (FMRPZ)

The football match residents parking zones around Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs is for resident permit holders only. You may be approached on match days by people in yellow jackets illegally directing you to park on the public highway for a fee of £5. If you ask for a receipt, they will show you an empty receipt book and claim to have run out.

It is a particular problem for streets directly off Robson Street and Breckfield Road North. Merseyside Police is aware of this problem.

If you are approached by people claiming to be council staff and offering parking facilities in a residential street, this is likely to be bogus. The council does not operate any pay to park facilities within the football match parking zone and all council staff are issued with an ID badge and should provide it on demand.

Like the city centre Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) there are signs on entry to the FMRPZ, indicating the times and restrictions in force (10am to midnight from 1st August to 30th June inclusive).

If you park within a Football Match Residents Parking Zone, you may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. You can view a list of the streets within the zone. There are a number of free bays within the FMRPZ, but spaces are first come, first served. If you are unable to park within a free bay this does not permit you to park in a resident bay, on a single or double yellow line or in any other bays without displaying the required permit.