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Winter gritting

Gritting roads

Our winter gritting programme ensures that roads, footways and pedestrian areas across Liverpool remain clear during the winter months.

View gritting routes and grit bins

You can find your nearest community grit bin and view gritting routes in Liverpool by entering your postcode into our interactive map:

Gritting map

Gritting advice

You can get grit from the 163 yellow grit bins located throughout the city (see map).

  • You can spread gritting salt on pavements and other public footways (not driveways).    
  • Use a spade or shovel to spread the grit thinly and evenly across the pavement.   
  • Gritting bins are topped up twice during the winter season.

Report a problem

If there is a road in your area which needs gritting or your local grit bin needs to be refilled with salt, please contact us.