Schools and learning

Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS)

EMTAS aims to raise the educational attainment of our ethnic minority pupils by providing support and advice to:

  • Children with English as an additional language (EAL).
  • Traveller children.
  • New arrivals to the city.
  • Young people from Liverpool's Black British community through the Black Achievement Project.
  • Parents and carers who may be unfamiliar with the English education system.

We also provide support to students, schools and other agencies through specialist teaching, bilingual assistance, and training and achievement projects.

How to access this service

Access is via a referral from your child's school.  However, if you do require further information about the services we provide, please contact EMTAS to speak to one of our advisors.

The role of parents

Throughout your child’s time in school, they will be assessed by teachers to make sure they receive the additional help they need to achieve better results.  It is also a legal requirement for schools to monitor pupils’ attendance and punctuality.

It is important that you make sure your child attends school regularly and on time and that you understand how the education system works.  Those pupils who miss a lot of school find it very difficult to catch up with their classmates and, as a result, become less excited and keen about going to school and do not achieve to their full potential.

For more information about EMTAS, visit School Improvement Liverpool.