Street trading licence renewal applications

We can only accept applications for licence renewals via email for the foreseeable future. Please send your applications to

Street trader licence

Do I need a licence?

Street trading in Liverpool is strictly regulated and all streets are designated as follows:

  • 'Prohibited streets' - no trading can take place on these streets, or in any public place within 5 metres of them, at any time.
  • 'Licence streets' - a licence is needed to trade on these streets but we are not currently granting any new licences.
  • 'Consent streets' - you can only trade on 'consent' streets if you have written consent from us. If you sell anything on these streets at any time, or any public place within 10 metres of them without consent, you may be prosecuted or have your goods seized.
Please note that the sale of controlled and restricted goods such as alcohol and tobacco must not be sold in any streets, including licence or consent streets.

Apply to trade on consent streets

First, check the list of 'licensed' and 'prohibited' streets below. You cannot trade on any of these streets.

If the street does not appear on the list above it is a 'consent street' and you can apply for street trading consent using the form below and return it to

Once your form has been processed we will call you to arrange your payment of the licence fee.

Before you start: Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data

Apply to trade at Waterloo Place

You can apply for consent to trade at Waterloo Place at the bottom of Bold Street in the city centre using the application form above until 31st March 2020. Please read the guidance notes below carefully before submitting your application. It is free to apply for Waterloo Place - we will only take payment if your application is successful.  

Types of consent

  • Daily consent for trading for a period of up to five days.
  • Long-term consent for trading covering any period up to 12 months.
  • Football ground consent to trade on match days around Anfield and Goodison Park.
Please note: Tacit consent does not apply -  i.e. if you have not heard from us following your application this does not mean a licence has been granted. If you are still waiting for a licence after 28 days please contact us.


All new consent applications, other than Waterloo Place, must include a £49 non-refundable administration fee. Applications submitted without this fee will not be considered. Cheques should be made payable to Liverpool City Council.

If your application is successful we will contact you to arrange the outstanding part of the fee, which must be paid in full before the authorisation is issued.

Fees are reviewed annually.

Consent fee 2019/20

  • Long-term consent (up to 12 months) for all commodities - £217.81.

  • Daily consent for all commodities - £66.24 on initial application then £20.14 per day for each day's trade thereafter, up to a maximum of five days:

    • 1 day - £68.67
    • 2 days - £86.38
    • 3 days - £106.52
    • 4 days - £126.66
    • 5 days - £146.80
  • Consent to trade around EFC and LFC football grounds during the football season - £293.60 (match days only).

Licence fee 2019/20 for existing licence holders

The licence is based solely on pitch size (m²) at £200.76 per square metre.

Please note that the council is not currently granting new licences.


There are certain types of very limited activity which are considered not to be street trading and may take place in any street in Liverpool without the need to obtain a licence or consent. These exceptions are:

  • Trading as a news vendor (within specified limits).
  • Trading within a market.
  • Trading outside a shop as part of the shop's business.
  • Trading as a roundsman.
  • Trading in accordance with a pavement café licence or similar granted under the Highways Act 1980.
  • Selling goods as part of an authorised charitable collection.

If you feel your proposed activity may fall within one of these exceptions then please contact us before you start trading to check that this is the case.

Please note that the general exception which allows a person to sell goods in the street when acting as a certificated pedlar has been amended in Liverpool by the Liverpool City Council Act 2006. Pedlars certificates are no longer of any effect in Liverpool (unless the trading is limited to visits from house to house).