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Cooling towers

Register a tower

If you have a cooling tower or evaporative condenser that contains water exposed to air, and your premises is based in Liverpool, you must register with us.

You must notify us before a cooling tower or evaporative condenser is put on the premises.

How to register

Register online

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

List of cooling towers

This register was last amended on 6th March 2021.

Premises with cooling towers

Premises and address Number of towers Enforcing authority
QE11 Courts, Derby Square, L1 1XA 3 HSE
Merseyside Police, Canning Place, L1 8LB 1 HSE
Cavern Court, 8 Mathew Street, L2 6RE 2 Liverpool
Liverpool JMU, Byrom Street, L3 3AE 2 Liverpool
Tate Gallery, Albert Dock, L3 4BB 4 Liverpool
Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, L3 4AQ 2 Liverpool
The Capital Building, New Hall Place, Old Hall Street, L3 9BD 6 Liverpool
Rawcliffe Foods Ltd, Unit 13 Glacier Buildings, Harrington Road, Brunswick Business Park, L3 4BL 1 HSE
McBurney Refrigeration Ltd, Sand Hills Lane, L5 9ZS 2 Liverpool
Tangerine Confectionary, Beech Street, L7 0HA 1 HSE
Baxter Healthcare, Wavertree Boulevard, L7 9PE 3 HSE
XPO Logistics, 339-361 Prescot Road, L13 3BS 1 HSE
Baxters Healthcare Ltd, Rutherford Road, L13 1EN 1 HSE
Cheshire Chemicals, Blackburne Street, L19 8JA 1 HSE
Veolia Environmental Services, King Street, L19 8EG 1 HSE
New Britain Oils Ltd, 45 Derby Road, L20 8DY 4 HSE
Olleco, 5-7 Foster Street, L20 8EX 1 HSE
Prinovis Liverpool Ltd, Liverpool International Industrial Park, 4 Dakota Drive, Speke, L24 8RJ 7 HSE
TriRx Speke Limited, Fleming Road, L24 9LN 7 HSE
Croda Resins Ltd, Goodlass Road, L24 9HJ 1 HSE
Tech Folien Ltd, Speke Hall Road, L24 9GQ 4 HSE
Palace Chemicals, Speke Hall Industrial Estate, L24 4AB 1 HSE
Protol Development Ltd, 1 Vitesse Road, Triumph Trading Park, L24 9BB 1 HSE


There is no registration fee.

Change of use

Please tell us in writing if:

  • Any changes are made to the tower. You must notify us of these changes within one month.
  • The tower or condenser is made redundant or is permanently taken out of service. You must notify us as soon as possible.


Licensing and Public Protection
Health and Safety Enforcement,
Cunard Building,
Water Street,
L3 1AH.



Opening times

Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 16.45pm.
Friday 8.30am to 16.15pm.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent applies. The legislation requires only that the city council process your application for you to be registered.


An appeal is not applicable as there is a strict legal duty to register cooling towers and evaporative condensers that fall within the scope of the regulations.

Regulation summary

The Notification of Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers Regulations 1992.