Environmental health

Health and safety

The Environmental Health Team investigate health and safety complaints about workplaces in Liverpool, such as reportable accidents, dangerous occurrences and reportable diseases. 

We inspect:

  • Shops and offices.
  • Hotels and leisure facilities.
  • Warehouses.
  • Builders’ merchants.
  • Steel stockholders.
  • Residential homes.
  • Nursing agencies.

Health and safety standards

You must ensure that your business meets the necessary health and safety standards and procedures.  You can find out more information about these standards on the Health and Safety Executive website. 

Personal treatment businesses

If your business involves tattooing, piercing, electrolysis or semi-permanent skin colouring, you must register your business with the council and meet the necessary byelaws, before you can operate. 

Food business

If you run a food business you must register with the council. Please see the food hygiene and safety section for more information.

Further help and advice

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