Environmental problems

Stray dogs

All local councils have a duty to pick up stray dogs. Any dog found wandering public spaces alone is classed as a stray, even if they have a collar and ID tag.

What happens to stray dogs?

Acorn Kennels Limited deliver the stray dog and kennelling service for Liverpool City Council.

Dogs reported as stray or abandoned are collected by Acorn Kennels Limited and they make every effort possible to reunite these dogs with their owners before taking them to kennels.

If an owner cannot be traced, the dog will be taken to kennels and kept there for the maximum of seven days. Dogs not claimed after seven days are given to Acorn Kennels Limited for rehoming.

How do I find a lost dog or report a stray dog?

If you are trying to locate a lost dog or need to report a stray dog, please contact Acorn Kennels Limited on 01948 662 931 daily between 8am and 6pm.

Alternatively, you can report a lost or found dog online via the Acorn Kennels website.

Reclaim fees

In addition to the fees below for the number of days held, a return fee of £20 will be payable.

  • 1 day: £60 plus £15 admin fee
  • 2 days: £90
  • 3 days: £105
  • 4 days: £120
  • 5 days: £135
  • 6 days: £150
  • 7 days: £165

Comments and feedback

If you have a comment or feedback about the dog warden service in Liverpool, see the council's comments and feedback process.

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