Proofs we accept

When you apply for a residents parking permit online you must provide proof of residency and proof of vehicle ownership. For a visitors permit, you only need to provide proof of residency.

Photocopies are fine. A friend or relative can apply on your behalf as long as they supply the required proofs. 

Proof of residency

We can check your address against our council tax records or the electoral register both online and in a One Stop Shop. Alternatively, you will need to provide one of the documents listed below, dated in the last 12 months:

  • gas, water or electricity bill
  • bank statement
  • driving licence 
  • tenancy agreement
  • TV licence
  • home insurance certificate
  • mortgage statement
  • council tax bill or council tax student certificate
  • bill for your landline
  • any DWP benefit, income tax or tax credits letter
  • proof of housing benefit or council tax benefit

Proof of vehicle ownership

 You will also need to provide one of the documents listed below, dated in the last 12 months:

  • car insurance certificate or schedule
  • DVLA V5 document/log book for the vehicle registered at the applicants address
  • hire or lease agreement
  • letter from employer if vehicle is a company car
  • mobility agreement

Proofs for students

We also accept the following proofs for students:

  • letter on the University letterhead confirming the student studies in Liverpool with course details and term dates
  • letter from  insurance company confirming the vehicle is parked at the address during term time