Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment 2020

An updated Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) has been completed to a base-date of 1st April 2020 and is available to download below.

You can also view the associated map online.

How the 2020 SHLAA update will be used

The 2020 SHLAA update provides important information about the housing development potential within the City. The SHLAA is produced annually, this SHLAA updates the 2019 Assessment and covers the period up to April 2020. The SHLAA contains 1006 sites of some 368 sites which already have planning permission. A site does not need to be in the SHLAA before it can be put forward for development but if a new site is granted planning permission it will be added to the next SHLAA update

The SHLAA is a technical exercise of the suitability, availability and achievability of sites. It is a database of sites which have the physical potential for house building.

The SHLAA has no bearing on the determination of planning applications and is not:

  • A statement of council policy;
  • A list of sites which will get planning permission;
  • Able to allocate sites for housing development

Existing policies that manage the location of housing development still apply even where a site is identified in the SHLAA.

Call for Sites submissions

We continue to invite stakeholders to submit site suggestions for new housing development for inclusion in the SHLAA. You can submit a site which you deem suitable for housing using our Call for Sites form.

If you have previously submitted a site then there is no need to re-submit your site again unless you have any additional information to provide.