Planning and building control

The Liverpool Local Plan 2013–2033

All local planning authorities must prepare a local plan to guide the long-term, strategic spatial development of their area.

The Liverpool Local Plan is made up of:

  • a document that includes policies that set out the key considerations for making decisions on development proposals in the city.
  • city-wide and city centre maps that show how the land is used in keeping with these policies — for example housing sites, open spaces and shopping areas. 

The scope of the plan

The Local Plan provides a long-term spatial vision, strategic priorities and policies for future development in the city over the next 15 to 20 years, specifically with regard to the quantity and location of new homes, employment provision, shops, facilities and other services, transport and other infrastructure provision, climate change mitigation and adaption and the conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic environment.

To achieve this it sets out the following:

  • development management policies that guide the delivery of development in the city and will be used to determine planning applications. These policies provide detailed advice to developers and others on the scale, design, accessibility, sustainability etc of proposals.
  • site allocations for residential, employment, retail and other land uses across the city, shown on the policies map.
  • designations where specific policies apply, such as for district and local centres or open spaces which are also shown on the policies map.

Adopted Local Plan and supporting documents

Local plan maps

We have produced an interactive map for the Liverpool Local Plan.

Due to the volume of data the map will take roughly 20 seconds to fully load.

We have made every effort to ensure this interactive map accurately reflects the Local Plan policies map and Local Plan. In the event of a discrepancy, it is the PDF versions that will take precedence in the decision-making process, which you can download below.

Other key documents

Other adopted documents

The Joint Merseyside and Halton Waste Local Plan is concerned with the scale, location and type of facilities required to manage all types of waste in Merseyside and Halton. The Waste Local Plan was adopted on 18th July 2013.