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English courses

We run English courses for adults over 19 years of age, many of which are free of charge. You will need to complete a skills check before you join.

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Functional Skills English

This course is follows on from the Getting Started course, or is for you if your skills check results are at entry level 3 or above.

These qualifications are about using literacy skills in everyday life and work. You will be entered for a qualification at the correct level - up to Level 2 - and these qualifications may prepare you to take a GCSE course next. Learners with a learning difficulty can apply for extra support.

GCSE English

Higher than Level 2 Functional Skills, this qualification is for more advanced learners. You must pass the skills check to join this course. We can offer you other courses if you are not ready for GCSE.

A-Level English

A-Level English is for higher level learners that have completed GCSE.  You will need to complete a skills check. If you are not ready for A-Level English, we can offer you GCSE English.

How to enquire about a course

To express and interest in the listed courses above, please complete the form below. Select 'English' from the dropdown options and add the course name when prompted.

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Your timetable will be given to you after your initial assessment. We will do our best to accommodate your work and family commitments.