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Professionals: Mersey Care bathing adaptations referral

If you are a Mersey Care occupational therapist and have previously identified bathing equipment which does not meet your clients' needs, you can refer direct to Agency Services for a Disabled Facilities Grant for a level access shower.

Before you start

Points to consider:

  • A level access shower is suitable and will replace the bath.
  • The person you are referring would be able to access the facility without difficulty - for example, there are no difficulties with stair mobility if the bathroom is on the first floor.

If other areas of need have been identified and cannot be addressed, please complete an occupational therapy referral online

If no other areas of need have been identified, you can make a bathing adaptation referral online below.

Make a referral

This application should only be completed by a Mersey Care professional.

All major adaptations are now funded via a Disabled Facilities Grant, and will require a financial assessment in order for this application to proceed.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Client's personal details including name, address and date of birth.
  • Property details and whether it is owned, shared ownership, privately rented or housing association.
  • Details and reasons for any additional alterations to the general specifications on the form.

Mersey Care bathing adaptations referral

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What happens next?

When we receive your referral, Agency Services will make contact with your client by letter or email to discuss the Test of Resources process and current waiting times for major adaptations.