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Second adult rebate

Second adult rebate reduces the amount of Council Tax you have to pay. You can get it if you are single and pay Council Tax but share your home with another adult who is on a low income and does not pay rent.

Can I claim?

You might want to claim second adult rebate if you can’t get Council Tax Support because your income or capital is too high. 

You can claim it if you have another adult living with you who:

  • is 18 or over
  • is not your husband, wife, partner or civil partner
  • does not have joint responsibility with you for paying Council Tax
  • does not have to pay rent
  • is not a joint owner or joint tenant of the property
  • is not a licensee of the property
  • has income below a certain amount, or who gets certain benefits
  • is not someone who is ‘not counted’ when we work out the number of people living in a property for Council Tax purposes. For example, a full time student.

How much am I entitled to?

The amount of rebate you get depends on the income of the adult living with you and any benefits they receive. 

You can’t get second adult rebate and Council Tax Support. If you qualify for both we will award you the higher amount.

How to apply

You can apply online for second adult rebate using the Council Tax Support application form and we will work out whether you should receive second adult rebate or Council Tax Support. Things we need to know when you apply:

  • National Insurance number for you (and your partner if applicable)
  • full name and dates of birth of everyone in your household
  • your household income, savings, investments and expenses - including things like childcare costs and private pension contributions

You will be able to upload any evidence whilst making your application.

You can save your application at various stages and finish it later.  If you save your details part way through, you will be given a Citizen Access Benefits key code. Make a note of this as you'll need it to log back into your form.

If you have saved your application, you must complete and submit it within 14 days or your details will be removed.

Apply or login

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data

How do I log back in to my form?

Use the 'Apply or login' button above and select 'Retrieve a claim I have started'. You will need to enter the Citizen Access Benefits key code you received when you saved your application.

What happens next?

We will let you know what your award is once we have processed your claim. If you are not happy with our decision about your claim, you can submit an appeal.

If your circumstances change

If your circumstances change please tell us as it could affect what you are entitled to.