School travel applications - information for parents

Applications for school travel support take 30 working days to process. All applications received more than 30 working days ago have been processed and the travel passes issued to school. Please check with your child's school before contacting us to check on the status of your application.

School travel pass: New application

Your child may be able to get subsidised transport, depending on the distance from home to school, and only if they meet certain eligibility criteria.

School travel passes are issued for the whole of the academic year but can only be used during term time.

In all cases you should read the Home to School Transport Policy below for full details and eligibility before you apply.

Who is eligible?

All children between 5 and 16 qualify if they go to their nearest suitable school and live at least:

  • 2 miles from the school if they are under 11.
  • 3 miles from the school if they are 11 or older.

Children starting school at age 4 travel for free and do not need to apply.

Families on low incomes

If you get the maximum Working Tax Credit or your children are entitled to income related free school meals, they will get free travel support if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the policy.

Children in alternative education placements

If your child is 14-16 years old and in an alternative education placement, please ask their placement provider for a school travel pass.    

How to apply

You must apply online for each child and will need to provide:

  • A passport style photograph of your child (head and shoulder shot). A photo is not required for bus only travel applications. Read the guidance on for passport photo requirements
  • Other benefit award letters, if applying on low income grounds.
  • A letter from your religious leader if attendance at a single sex school is an essential requirement of your child's culture.
  • Your email address.

You will be prompted to upload the relevant files during the application process. The file size of uploads should not exceed 9MB in total.

You can upload images/scanned documents from your computer, tablet or mobile device. If you prefer to send them by post or email, you can do this after you have submitted your application - the details of where to send them will be included in the confirmation email we send you.

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Apply online

 We can only process applications once we have received all relevant documents. 

What happens next?

Once we have received your application and the required documentation, it may take up to 30 days to process. If you have not heard from us after 30 days, you can email for an update, quoting your child's name and date of birth.