School travel pass: Reimbursement

If there has been a delay in processing your application you may wish to request a reimbursement for the fares paid whilst waiting for your School Travel Pass.

Am I eligible for reimbursement?

You can only request a reimbursement if there has been:

  • A delay of more than 6 weeks in processing your application.
  • An incorrect decision resulting in a delay issuing your pass.
  • A successful appeal resulting in a delay issuing your pass.

How to apply

Please email your request for a reimbursement to

How much will I receive?

All reimbursements are calculated at a daily rate from the date of your original application. Reimbursements are equivalent to the cost of the respective pass to the authority and not the cost you may have incurred.

Contact us

For help or an update on your submitted application, pleaseĀ emailĀ