Marriages and civil partnerships

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Last minute nerves? Don't panic!

Just follow these steps to make sure you've got everything ready for your big day, and you'll be fine:

  1. Choose the venue for your ceremony.
  2. Decide on the date.
  3. Between 1 and 2 years before the ceremony — make a provisional booking for your registrar to attend.
  4. Within 1 year of the date, and no later than 30 days before, arrange an appointment at your local Register Office to give notice.
  5. Start planning your bespoke ceremony and choose your witnesses.
  6. 6 weeks before — tell the registrars of your final ceremony choices, witnesses names and pay the final balance.
  7. On the day — allow plenty of time to arrive at your chosen venue to enjoy your stress free special day.
  8. Get hitched and live happily ever after!

If you have any further questions about arranging your marriage or civil partnership, please get in touch.

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