Licensing and permits

Pay your annual Licensing Act fee

Your annual Licensing Act fee is for your premises licence or club premises certificate and is payable on the anniversary of the date it was granted.

You can see how the fee is calculated by viewing the table at the bottom of this page, along with details on how to dispute it, if you are unhappy.

We will write to you to remind you when the annual fee is due. It is essential that you pay the annual fee by this date. We send only one reminder.

If you fail to pay

If you fail to pay by the renewal date we will suspend your premises licence, subject to certain exceptions. This means you will no longer be able to lawfully carry out licensable activities at the premises until you pay the fee and the suspension is lifted.

To lift the suspension on your licence you should respond to the letter sent to you and pay using one of the methods below, and quote 'Licensing Act - Annual Fee following suspension'.

How to pay

Before making a payment please ensure that you have your premises licence or club premises certificate number to hand as you need this to complete your payment - it begins with 'LA' and has six numbers.

Pay online

You can pay online by debit or credit card using the link below. You'll need your six-digit premises licence or club premises certificate number and the fee amount.

Pay your annual fee online

By BACS payment

If you are paying by BACS our sort code is 20-51-01 and our bank account number is 50294217. The account name is LCC Income Account. Please quote 'Licensing Act - Annual Fees (all premises types)', your six-digit premises licence number with your payment, along with our cost code 'WLCLB 94199', and email your remittance to

How an annual fee is calculated

Your annual fee is based on the rateable value of the property. The multiplier in the fourth column ONLY applies to premises used exclusively or primarily for the sale of alcohol.


Rateable value Band Fee Multiplier
No rateable value to £4,300 A £70 None
£4,301 to £33,000 B £180 None

£33,001 to £87,000

C £295 None
£87,001 to £125,000 D £320 £640

£125,001 and above

E £350 £1050

How to dispute a fee

If you wish to dispute your liability for, or the amount of the fee please email licensingact2003​ giving the full details of your reasons as soon as possible, and no later than the date your annual fee is due.