Licensing and permits

Late Night Levy

All premises in Liverpool licensed to supply alcohol at any time between midnight and 6am on one or more days of the year must pay a Late Night Levy, unless they are exempt. 70 per cent of the 'net' collected levy will be paid to the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner.

For the levy year from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022, Liverpool City Council states that the amount of permitted deductions was £7,000.

Which premises does the levy apply to?

Bars, pubs and clubs with a premises licence, or club premises certificate, that allows them to sell alcohol at any time between midnight and 6am one or more days of the year will need to pay a Late Night Levy, unless they are exempt.

Which premises are exempt?

The following types of premises will not have to pay the levy:

  • Premises authorised to supply alcohol for consumption on the premises between midnight and 6am hours only on New Year’s Day.
  • Premises where the ratepayer already pays a BID levy which is imposed in order to reduce or prevent crime and disorder between the hours of midnight and 6am in the area.

How much is the levy?

The amount of the levy is set by the government and is between £299 and £4,440 each year, depending on the rateable value of the premises (see the factsheet above).

How do I pay?

We will write to you to give you formal notice that you must pay the levy, along with the amount you will need to pay and when. Don't pay until you receive this notice from us.

Pay your late night levy online

What do I do if I think the fee charged is incorrect?

If you believe the annual levy stated on the letter sent to you is incorrect, you can email us to query our calculation at as soon as your receive it. If the amount is correct there is no means of appeal and you must pay it.

Can I apply to opt out of the levy?

The only way to opt out is to apply for a minor variation to your licence and state on your application that you no longer want to supply alcohol at any time between midnight and 6am on any days of the year. This will not affect the times you wish to carry out other licensable activities or remain open.

The current annual fee that has been issued will still need to be paid, but once your application has been accepted the levy will no longer be applied.