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Doric Park

This popular local community park is tucked away behind rows of terraced houses and features grassy mounds and hollows.

Doric Park

Doric Park

Wharncliffe Road, Old Swan, L13 5XX

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Access to the park is Wharncliffe Road and Acanthus Road.


Swings, multi play, roundabout, slide, see-saw, rocking unit, spinner.

Multi-use games area

Get your friends together and play a game of football or other team sport.

Parks byelaws

So that everyone can enjoy our parks and open spaces we have policies and byelaws in place which cover:

  • Protection of the ground, its wildlife and the public
  • Horses, cycles and vehicles
  • Play areas, games and sports
  • Waterways
  • Model aircraft

Byelaws are local laws made by the council, which means we can issue penalties and act to protect property and individuals.