Courses for work

Our range of employability courses will help you find a job, upskill you for your current role or help you re-train if you are looking for a new career. 

What's on offer?

Our employability courses include:

All courses with * require a skills check - see 'How to apply' below.

How to apply

If you want to join any of the  courses with a * you will need to complete a skills check first. This will help us to place you in the right class. 

Complete the form below to arrange a skills check.

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Other courses for work

These one-day and three-day courses are advertised on our course list when each term starts:

  • Health and Safety for Work - one day
  • First Aid - one day
  • Paediatric First Aid - one day
  • Food Safety - one day
  • Preparing for Employment in the Hospitality Industry - three days
  • Preparing for Employment in the Health and Social Care Industry - three days