Adult Social Care

Being independent

There are many things you can do to maintain your independence, such as changing the way you do things or getting extra support to continue living at home.

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Mobility issues or tasks around the house

From bathing and toileting equipment, to grab rails, walking aids and kitchen aids for everyday tasks, there are a wide range of products available to encourage independent living. 

Find the right equipment for you.

Care technology

Care technology, such as personal safety alarms, motion sensors and mobile apps - can help anyone who needs extra support to stay independent, including older people as well as younger people with learning or physical disabilities. You can purchase a care technology package from a private provider.

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Meal delivery

If you think meal deliveries would help you to continue living independently you can contact a number of providers in Liverpool.

Some providers deliver in bulk so you will need to be able to store them or they may deliver to a central collection point. Meals might be fresh or frozen.

We cannot recommend any particular provider, but the following currently deliver in Liverpool. Contact them directly for information and charges:

You can also search for 'meal delivery' on  The Live Well Directory to find additional providers.

Care at home

When you get older or if you have a disability, you might need help at home to continue to live independently. This might include getting in and out of bed, getting washed and dressed, preparing meals, and going to the toilet.

Home care means getting help with these tasks. It involves a professional home carer coming to support you at pre-arranged times.

You can employ a care worker through a private agency. Be careful to choose an agency registered and inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

Domestic help and support

You can access a range of local organisations or search for domestic services such as gardening, cleaning and pet care to support your independent living. 

Search the Live Well Directory - a directory of care and support services, activities and information in the Liverpool City Region.