Transfer of premises licence

If you wish to take over a premises licence either as an individual or company, you must first get consent from the existing licence holder to prove that they agree to the transfer. If you can’t get consent, you must provide a valid reason and proof as to why. Details of valid reasons are listed on back of the consent form.

If the existing licence holder has become insolvent, please refer to the insolvency guidance on the back of the consent form.

If you’re applying as an individual, you must also provide proof that you have the right to work in the UK and are not subject to a condition preventing you from doing work relating to the licensable activity – this is applicable to all individual applicants, including those born in the UK. If you do not submit your proof document or share code, we cannot process your application.

The application fee to transfer a premises licence is £23.

How to apply


  • You will be prompted to upload a scanned copy or clear photograph of your completed consent form (or reasons why you haven’t been able to get consent).
  • If applying as an individual, you will be prompted to upload a scanned copy or clear photograph of proof of your right to work document or share code, so please have this ready.
  • On submit, your application will automatically be sent to the Licensing Authority, Merseyside Police and Home Office Immigration Enforcement.
  • On submit, you will be directed to our payment portal to make your payment.

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Apply and pay online

Application approval

If we receive a relevant representation within 14 days, there will be a hearing to determine the outcome of your application. We would contact you directly in this case.

If we don’t receive any representations your application is automatically approved and the transfer will take effect from the date you have specified in your application and we will send you a revised premises licence and licence summary.