Council Tax

Council Tax disability reduction scheme

If there is a room or other extra space in your property that is needed by a disabled occupant, the disabled band reduction scheme may help you to get a reduction in your Council Tax.

If you meet the eligibility criteria below, the bill for your home will be reduced to the next lowest band. If you are already in the lowest band property (A), your bill will be reduced by one ninth.

Find out more about the disabled band reduction scheme in the Council Tax booklet:

Eligibility criteria

You are eligible for this discount if you or someone living in your home is substantially and permanently disabled and one of the following apply. You or they have:

  • a room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) which is used to store medical equipment to meet your needs.
  • a second purpose built bathroom or kitchen specifically to meet your needs.
  • adapted the property to accommodate a wheelchair indoors.

We will inspect your property as part of the application process.

How to apply

Your GP, occupational therapist or other qualified person will need to complete part 4 of the form to confirm that you are disabled. However, if you can’t get to your GP in time you can supply it later on rather than delay your application.

You can return by post to the address on the form or take it to any One Stop Shop for processing.

What happens next?

We’ll arrange a home visit to inspect your property to ensure it meets the relevant criteria.

After the home visit, we’ll inform you of our decision within 14 days. However, if we need further information from you, such as the part 4 confirmation from your GP, this may delay the process.