Council Tax discount for second homes

We do not give discounts for second homes - you will need to pay a full Council Tax charge for your second home.

However, if you live in, and pay Council Tax for an additional property – for example, because it’s required under your employment contract – you may be able to claim a 50% discount.

If you spend time at more than one address we have to decide which address is your main residence.

To work out if you’re entitled to a discount we need to look into your circumstances at each address, including where you, your spouse and children live most of the time. We’ll then decide if a discount can be awarded.

How to apply

Apply online.  We need to know about both properties so it would be helpful to have both Council Tax bills to hand. You will be prompted to upload copies of your bills which should not exceed 9MB in total, but you can send these at a later date if you prefer.

You’ll also need to tell us which property most of your possessions are kept, where your mail gets delivered to, which property you are registered to vote and where you’re registered for income tax purposes.

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

Start application 

What happens next?

We’ll check the details of your application and we may get in touch with other local authorities where necessary.

We aim to respond to you within 14 days with our decision. However, if we need further information from you this may delay the application.