Council Tax

Council Tax exemption for full time students

Households where everyone’s a full time student don’t have to pay Council Tax.  If you get a bill, you can apply for an exemption.

  • If you live in a Halls of Residence you don’t need to apply as an exemption is already in place. Please liaise with your student accommodation officer.
  • If you live with one other adult who is not a student, we will reduce your bill by 25%.

If you live at home with two or more adults who pay full Council Tax, you are not eligible to apply.

Eligibility criteria

To count as a full time student, your course must:

  • last at least one academic year; and
  • involve at least 21 hours of study per week

If you study for a qualification up to A level and you’re under 20, your course must:

  • last at least 3 months
  • involve at least 12 hours study per week

If you meet the above criteria, please apply for this exemption.

How to apply

Apply online. You’ll need to provide details of your place of study and course details, including your start and end date and student ID number.

If you’re a landlord you’ll need to provide the name, date of birth and student identification numbers for each student in a property.

Start application

Read our privacy notice which tells you how we use your data.

What happens next?

We’ll check the details you have provided and we may get in touch with your place of study to confirm your course details.

We aim to respond to you within 14 days with our decision. But if we need further information from you this may delay the application.