Crime headline indicators

This data provides crime rate statistics for Liverpool. Overall rates are available as well as rates for particular crime types.

All data points are the latest available data, as at 3rd March 2021.

You can also view crime maps, statistics and policing information in your local area on the Police.UK website.

*Number of crimes
Variable Liverpool position
All crimes 58,746
Domestic burglary 2,602
Theft from a vehicle 2,441
Theft of a vehicle 1,183
Personal robbery 656
Violence with injury 6,224
Anti-social behaviour 12,000
*Crime rate per 1,000
Variable Liverpool position
All crimes 118
Domestic burglary 10.1
Theft from a vehicle 4.9
Theft of a vehicle 2.4
Personal robbery 1.3
Violence with injury 12.5
Ant-social behaviour 24.1

*Comparator is England and Wales

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