Key statistics and data

Economy headline indicators

This data provides a range of statistics about Liverpool's economic performance and the size, nature and dynamics of the City's businesses.

All data points are the latest available data, as at September 2023.

Economy, business and GDP



Great Britain

*GDP £14.2bn £2,040bn
*GDP per head £32,841 £33,967
Business closures 2,430 322,185
Business closure rate, per 10,000 residents aged 16+ 59 61
Business start-ups 2,735 357,340
Business start-up rate, per 10,000 residents aged 16+ 66 68
Business stock 18,315 3,126,800
Business density 444 592

*GDP (balanced) at current basic prices.

Sources: ONS Business demography, UK 2021. Published November 2022.

ONS: UK business; activity, size and location 1st March 2022. Published September 2022.

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