Parks and Greenspaces

Playgrounds and play areas

The council operates 43 outdoor play areas across the city. These are located in parks, recreation grounds and open spaces.

Play equipment

All play areas have a selection of swings, roundabouts, slides, spring mobiles, interactive play units, climbing frames, climbing nets and multi play areas. Larger playgrounds may have a wider selection of equipment.


All sites are fenced and we inspect them on a weekly basis to ensure that they are safe, and all play equipment is functioning properly. Please contact us if you find a fault at any play area or have any general comments or suggestions.

Play areas in parks

Play areas in open spaces and recreation grounds

  • Adlam Park, Sherwoods Lane, Liverpool 10.
  • Aigburth Vale, Mossley Hill Drive, Liverpool 17.
  • Alf Langley, Crocus Street, Liverpool 5.
  • Banks Road, Lyon Street, Liverpool 19.
  • Blackrod Avenue, Liverpool 24.
  • Childwall Public Open Space, Jacksons Pond Drive, Liverpool 25.
  • Crown Street, Overbury Street, Liverpool 7.
  • Dingle Recreation Ground, Hindlip Street, Liverpool 8.
  • Dovecot Park, Dovecot Avenue, Liverpool 14.
  • Everton Park - China Street, Roscommon Street, Liverpool 5.
  • Great Georges Square, Upper Pitt Street, Liverpool 1.
  • Gregson Park, Gregson Street, Liverpool 6.
  • Kirkdale Recreation Ground, North Dingle, Liverpool 4.
  • Long Lane Recreation Ground, Garston Old Road, Liverpool 19.
  • Longmore Lane, Liverpool 9.
  • Lower Breck Recreation Ground, Liverpool 6.
  • Midghall Street, Marybone, Liverpool 5.
  • Muirhead Avenue, Queens Drive, Liverpool 13.
  • Netherley Park, Langshaw Lea, Liverpool 27.
  • Northway Recreation Ground, Liverpool 15.
  • Parkhill Public Open Space, Cockburn Street, Liverpool 8.
  • Picton Playground, Mill Lane, Liverpool 15.
  • Quarry Street, Liverpool 25.
  • Richmond Park, Liverpool 6.
  • St Agnes Field, Ullet Road, Liverpool 17.
  • St Martins Recreation Ground, Silvester Street, Liverpool 5.
  • Springfield Park, East Prescot Road, Liverpool 12.
  • The Venney, Conleach Road, Speke, Liverpool 24.
  • Thirlmere Park, Thirlmere Road, Liverpool 5.
  • Upper Hill Street, Liverpool 8.
  • Warbreck Moor, Leasowe Road, Liverpool 9.

Parks byelaws

So that everyone can enjoy our parks and open spaces we have policies and byelaws in place which cover:

  • Protection of the ground, its wildlife and the public
  • Horses, cycles and vehicles
  • Play areas, games and sports
  • Waterways
  • Model aircraft

Byelaws are local laws made by the council, which means we can issue penalties and act to protect property and individuals.