Energy performance and fire safety certificates

Regulation 7A - Energy performance

On completion of building work, an energy performance certificate is required if a new building has been built, or an existing building is modified to:

  • have a greater or lesser number of parts designed or altered for separate use than it previously had; and
  • the modification includes the provision or extension of fixed services for heating, hot water, air conditioning or mechanical ventilation.

The person carrying out the building work must give an energy performance certificate for the building to the owner and notify us that this has been done.

Regulation 38 - Fire safety

If the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 applies to a building that has been erected, extended or undergone a change of material use, a package of fire safety information must be given to the ‘responsible person’ for the premises.  The contractor must then notify building control that this has been done. 

If we don’t receive your declaration, we cannot issue the final completion certificate even if all other scheduled works have been completed.

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