Bins and recycling

Collections during the alleyway repair programme

Alleyway repairs are being carried out in some terraced streets in Liverpool. Find out more about the programme and how to use the communal bins in your street.

About 22,700 properties in Liverpool back on to 4ft-wide alleyways in need of repair. While the work is carried out, communal street bins will help:

  • keep the alleyways clear of waste and provide residents, and our collection and cleaning crews, with safer access to them
  • encourage more responsible ways to dispose of waste
  • help prevent rats, flies and smells in the alleyways
  • improve the city’s recycling record

View streets with communal bins as part of this programme on Google maps

How do I use the communal bins?

Place your household waste in the communal bins on any day of the week, preferably during the daytime so you do not to disturb your neighbours in the evening.

  • blue bins are for loose recyclable waste — simply tip the contents in the bin from the 60L reusable bag we give you
  • purple bins are for bagged non-recyclable waste

Find out more about what goes in each bin

How often will the communal bins be emptied?

The bins will be emptied more frequently than your usual collection schedule and we will monitor how quickly they fill up. If a bin looks full or is overflowing please let us know immediately and we will empty it.

Notify us when a communal bin needs to be emptied

If you use smaller bin bags, there will be more space in the bin and it will be easier for you to dispose of your waste.

How will you stop fly-tipping?

Waste and unwanted items left near or around the bins will be classed as fly-tipping.

Find out how to report fly-tipping to us

Will you still empty my wheelie bins?

No, we will not empty wheelie bins or ask you to present recycle bags during the repair programme.

We will also remove any unwanted wheelie bins from the pavement and street to reduce clutter. If you want to keep your empty wheelie bins, please store them in your front or back yard.

What do I do if I need help using the communal bins?

If you are unable to ask a neighbour to help and need assistance, please call 0151 233 3001.

What measures are in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Your communal bins will be sprayed with disinfectant every week and a wider deep cleansing programme will also take place.

Please follow the government’s handwashing and social distancing guidelines when placing your waste in the bins.

Anyone with symptoms of coronavirus should double bag personal waste and keep it in their property for 72 hours before placing it in the general waste bin. Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

All of our crews are supplied with personal protective equipment to use when emptying the bins.