Bins and recycling

Missed bin collection

Do not report a bin as missed if you did not put it out before 6.30am on the scheduled collection day. Bins that are too heavy or contain incorrect materials will not be emptied until all the heavy items or incorrect materials have been removed.

When can I report a missed collection?

Before you report a bin as missed, please check you have put it out on the correct day.

When is my collection date?

You can report:

  • a green bin missed on the scheduled collection day straight away - you cannot report a green bin as missed if you have not paid for the green garden waste service.
  • a blue or purple bin if it has not been collected by 2pm on the scheduled collection day 

All reports must be submitted by 2pm on the next working day for us to return and collect them. If you do not report the missed collection in this timeframe, you will need to wait for the next scheduled collection.

We will not collect missed green bins if your subscription has expired. Pay for or renew your subscription.

Report a missed collection

Communal bins

You can also report a communal bin that needs emptying - please see our page on collections during the alleyway repair programme.