Bins and recycling

Request an update on your green bin sticker

Find out what to do if you have not received your bin sticker within 15 working days of paying for the green bin collection service.

When to use this form

If you have already paid for your green bin collection service and not received your sticker in the post within 15 working days you can use the form on this page.

Existing customers do not need to renew until two weeks before you current subscription is due to expire. We do not send out new green bin stickers to existing customers, your current sticker will be updated electronically when you renew. 

Before you start

Before you click on the link to the form below, you will need your payment reference number so we can trace your order. You will find it in the confirmation email we sent you when you paid for the service.

Request an update now

Request an update on the delivery of your green bin sticker now