Children and families

I am concerned about risks in the home environment and my child's safety

If you have concerns around safety in the home there are things you can try before requesting an occupational therapy assessment.

Your concern may be that:

  • Your child is able to escape from the home unsupervised.
  • Everyday things in your home are putting you, your child or their siblings at risk of injury or harm.

In the first instance we advise parents with concerns around safety in the home to refer to our safety in the home guidance below and to trial the advice and strategies before requesting a referral or whilst you are waiting for an assessment.

The guidance covers many safety concerns including:

  • arranging your home to create a calm, low arousal environment.
  • concerns over your child escaping from the house or garden.
  • safety measures in the kitchen, bathroom, stairs and bedroom, including fire safety.
  • safety when travelling.

What next?

If you have trialled the strategies above, but your child's difficulties continue, you can request a referral to the Children's Occupational Therapy Service.

You will need to confirm that you have trialled the strategies first as you may need to include this information with your referral.

If you feel risk cannot be managed and you need immediate support, contact children's social care on 0151 459 2606 to discuss these concerns.