Children and families

I need support with an education health care plan (EHCP)

Children and young people with a special educational need or disability may be eligible for an EHCP from birth to 25 years if they have a learning need. Schools, settings, parents or young people can request an EHCP.

Parents and young people can decide to request an EHCP independently. Schools and settings must have parental consent in order to apply.

How to get support with an EHCP

If parents or young people feel that requesting an EHCP would be beneficial it is always best to work in partnership with the special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo) at the school or setting to make the request.

However, if this is not possible parents and young people can email directly to make a request.

You do not need an EHCP or an occupational therapy referral to access support from the sensory processing pathway. Find out how to get support for sensory processing difficulties.