Children and families

My child struggles with everyday tasks

If your child is struggling with activities that other children can do - such as dressing themselves, using cutlery or wiping their bottom - we have produced some advice and strategies which you can try at home with your child.

Please try these at home before making a referral to occupational therapy (OT) as referrals will not be accepted in the first instance. 

Use the guides below and record your child's progress on the activity chart - this will help us to support you if you do refer to OT at a later date.

Advice and strategies to try at home

Other difficulties

Running, hopping or riding a bike

If your child's difficulties are with gross motor activities such as running, hopping or riding a bike contact Liverpool Community Physiotherapy for support on 0151 438 2090 - please do not submit an occupational therapy referral.


If your child's difficulties are with continence we advise you to speak to your school nurse or health visitor. They will be able to make a referral to the Children's Community Bladder and Bowel Service if appropriate.

What next?

Talk to your child's school about the support that they receive and what strategies can be put in place there to complement what you are doing at home.

If your child's difficulties continue after trialling the above strategies and advice, you may submit a referral. See our referral process for more information.

You will need to submit your completed activity sheets and other evidence from home and school as part of your referral.